FAQ about MYMOP® and MYCaW®

MYCaW® and MYMOP® are Person-Centred Outcomes Measures (PCOMs)

A PCOM is type of PROM (Patient Reported Outcome Measure), that enables people to make explicit the unique personal outcomes they value for their own goal achievement. Essentially a PCOM asks “what matters to you?” and allows that to be measured. The MYCaW tool, asks “what is your main concern that you would like help with?”. This ensures that the most pressing issue is always identified, and the service can best meet the needs of the user, increasing satisfaction ratings.  The MYMOP tool asks what symptom is most bothering you and what activity is the symptom most affecting.

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Is a PCOM different to a PROM?

Yes, it is. Both types of measures are filled in by a person, as opposed to a healthcare professional, to capture a person’s perspective. A PROM can only present a list of predetermined options against which an individual can rate themselves – this can create problems of suitability when a service caters for a heterogenous group of people. Not all the wording may be appropriate, not all the items listed may be relevant and relevant items may be missing. This can cause discontent with people using an outcome measure as well as with professionals who have to administer it.

A PCOM asks a person to determine the item themselves, and that is then scored and monitored. Therefore, the person using the service always gets to explain what is concerning or bothering them most. Interestingly, our research has shown that their concerns and symptoms are often different from the stated referral reasons on medical records, and different to what a healthcare professional would prioritise as most important from their medical perspective.

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