Welcome to the MYMOP® licence application process

How to get your licence

  1. Decide which licence you think you require (commercial or non-commercial) – use our table below (link) and refer to our license policy; Click here for policy.
  2. Complete and submit an application form (commercial/non-commercial).
  3. Meaningful Measures will send an initial email confirming receipt of your application, we will then review your request and aim to respond to you within 3 working days of your submission.
  4. Meaningful Measures will either send you an email agreeing to grant you a 12-month licence to use the tool, or we will send you a further email asking for more information about your request.
  5. You will then receive a further email from Meaningful Measures regarding any payment necessary for use of the tool (non-commercial license users will only pay an administration fee for their license).  Please note, all applicants are required to pay a small administration fee (£51.20) to enable processing of their application.
  6. Once your invoice has been paid, then we aim to release the MYMOP® tool (licensed for 12-months), guidance notes and supporting documents within 3 working days

What sort of licence do I need?

The license you require depends on the type of organisation you are working for.  Some licences, e.g., for commercial licenses, have a cost attached to them.  Please use the below table to determine if you need to fill in a commercial or non-commercial licence:

Type of licence user
Examples of licence user in this category*
Commercial licence? (Fee available on request)
Commercial Users
Any profit-making companies, private healthcare organisations, industry, digital platform providers
Individual users - commercial
For example, private small-scale individual medical practices, allied health professionals, therapists in private practice including complementary and integrative practitioners
Academic - Funded by Commercial organisation
University research project funded by industry or a profit-making organisation
Academic – Funded by Non-Commercial organisation
University research project funded by non-profit making organisation, or internal university funding
Not-for profit organisation
Registered charities, registered community interest companies (CICs), government organisations, registered social enterprises, voluntary and community groups, faith organisations
Publicly funded healthcare
NHS or other Public Health, Local Authority, NGOs

*If you can’t find a category that represents your organisation, please get in touch with us, so we can support you

Please be aware that a licence does not give you permission to publicly share MYMOP® or its guidance notes or for you to provide MYMOP® to other parties for their use under your licence.