Measure Yourself Medical Outcomes Profile (MYMOP®)

What is MYMOP®?

MYMOP® is a problem specific and individualised measure, which is brief and simple to use.  MYMOP®'s measures capture what patients consider are the two most important symptoms associated with a specific problem and an activity of daily living that is affected by these symptoms.  MYMOP® also captures general wellbeing and is therefore applicable to all people who present with symptoms, whether physical, emotional or social.  Finally, MYMOP® asks a person about medication use related to their problem and whether they want to cut this down.

What versions of MYMOP® can I access?

MYMOP® can be accessed as a paper or digital version, see our MYMOP® licence page to apply for this. We supply our MYMOP® tool either as:

  • a paper version
  • a digital portal version
  • integrated into your own digital platform
  • within our partner's digital platform - YourClinic

Please fill in the licence application form or contact us for further information.


First form - MYMOP® is initially completed within a consultation, or with some confidential help. The patient chooses one or two symptoms that they are seeking help with, and that they consider to be the most important. They also choose an activity of daily living that is limited or prevented by this problem. These choices are written down in the patient’s own words and the patient scores them for severity over the past week on a seven-point scale.  Patients then score their wellbeing and describe the type and dose of medication they are using for their problem.

At follow-up - The MYMOP® problems, activity and wellbeing are rescored to see how much the patient feels has changed.  The follow-up MYMOP® also asks about medication usage again and if anything else that is important going on. This form may be administered by post if required.

Is MYMOP® a validated tool?

Yes, MYMOP® scoring was validated against SF36 - a Health-Related Quality of Life measure which has been extensively researched and used in cancer care.   The validation showed that MYMOP® scores were as responsive to change as the SF36 scores. Validation studies, especially those using qualitative methods, have also helped to define the strengths and weaknesses of MYMOP®, which are useful when considering if it is an appropriate tool for the job.  Several published studies have shown that MYMOP® is practical, reliable and sensitive to change. These studies have involved patients who have received treatment from both orthodox and complementary practitioners for a range of problems. In addition to the published studies, MYMOP® has been used in a large number of smaller evaluation studies.

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