Lacking confidence in administering outcome measures, analysing data and reporting data appropriately are the three areas that people often report as a barrier to collecting good data about their service or practice.

At Meaningful Measures Ltd, we understand the pressures of working in busy organisations where there is high demand for data but little resource for data collection and analysis.  Our MYMOP® and MYCaW® tools can provide a surprising amount of insight into people’s unmet needs and preferences, as well as how a service or practice is performing.  

We offer three ‘tried and tested’ one-hour online training courses to support best practice when administering our tools, strategically using and reporting data and doing your own detailed analysis.

We are accredited by NHS England and Improvement to provide consultancy and advice on the use of outcome measures in Self Supported Management.  Between us we also have over 40 years' experience using a broad range of outcome measures in many different settings.

Each training course lasts one hour, is online and has space for ten people.  It costs £195+VAT. The first half of the training provides you with key information, the second half is for you and colleagues to ask lots of questions on how the information works in your specific setting - there is no such thing as a silly question in our opinion. The aim of each course is to give you confidence to take the next step in data collection, analysis and reporting.

Read below for a description of each course. If you require some training that isn’t listed below, then we are happy to discuss your needs with you.

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Introduction to using MYCaW

Introduction to MYCaW®/MYMOP®

What is MYCaW®/MYMOP®, the ethos behind it, guidance on how to use it, and Q&A specific to your project/service.  This course can give people administrating MYCaW®/MYMOP® confidence in how to apply it and improve the fidelity of data collection across a team.

Strategic approach to analysing and reporting MYCaW®/MYMOP® data

This course goes through the different types of analysis you can do with the scores and the qualitative data.  We also take you through how to cross reference the different types of data, how to use the data for audit, evaluation, service development, identification of staff training needs and demonstrating impact to funders.
Training on MYCaW
MYMOP Analysis Training

Training on coding and analysing MYCaW®/MYMOP® data

This session is specifically to train people on how to use content analysis to develop a bespoke framework of concerns for their project, based on good research practice.  If you are interested we can cover basic statistical analysis of scores in excel e.g. how to calculate the mean, standard deviation and do paired t-test to see if the score changes are statistically significant.

Client Quotes

We really enjoyed the training and all staff found it informative and helpful. We talked about the comprehensive data set, both qualitative and quantitative that it would provide us with which we felt would be really beneficial for both service design and delivery, as well as for sharing with commissioners and key stakeholders.

The training style was perfect and demystified all of the questions that we had. We also really valued the clear person-centred approach that is taken, where it is clear that the wellbeing of the people we serve is clearly central to this measure!

The session on how to analyse MYCaW® was especially useful. It made us realise how effective it can be to reveal the 'voice' of service users through the data. This information is often lost in free text boxes but MYCaW® allows us to analyse the information in a useful way.
Meaningful Measures