What is MYCaW®?

MYCaW® is an individualised questionnaire designed for evaluating holistic and personalised approaches to supporting people. It only takes a few minutes to complete and can routinely be incorporated into a consultation to understand and prioritise what a person most wants support with. MYCaW® allows a more rigorous approach to capturing the voice of service users beyond the anecdotal.

First form - Each person writes down the thing that most concerns them, that they want help with, in a box. MYCaW® can record two main concerns in total.  The concerns are rated for severity using a simple numerical Likert scale and a person’s wellbeing is also scored.

What versions of MYCaW® can I access?

MYCaW® can be accessed as a paper or digital version, see our MYCaW® licence page to apply for this. We supply our MYCaW® tool either as:

Please fill in the licence application form or contact us for further information.


At follow-up - the original concerns are rescored, and wellbeing is rescored.  Two further questions ask if anything else important is happening in a person’s life and what has been most important about the service received.

MYCaW® will capture concerns that are medically related, but more often people report concerns that affect their psycho-emotional wellbeing.  People also report practical concerns around finance, housing, job status, concerns about their future, their life purpose, relationships and carer burden. All of these concerns may impact a person’s overall wellbeing, yet, many of these topics are not routinely recorded.

What settings is MYCaW® used in?

MYCaW® was initially developed in the holistic cancer settings where people’s concerns were not often about their medical situation.  MYCaW® has also been used in social prescribing schemes,  medical-legal settings, and to improve workforce wellbeing.  MYCaW® has primarily been used in adult populations (including carers), but also with adolescents and young adults who may be under 18 years old.   It is used in service provision in the UK, Israel, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, and the United States.

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