Meaningful Measures Ltd – home of MYCaW® and MYMOP® - have created a new digital version of our well-loved, accredited, and validated MYCaW® and MYMOP® tools.  The digital portal allows you to send out initial forms via email or open up a digital version of MYCaW® and MYMOP® during a consultation.

You can also collect follow-up forms via email and the data is all stored in one place.  Score changes are automatically calculated on a dashboard along with the percentage of scores that meet a clinically significant change.  You also have the option to enable 2 factor authentication when you log in.

All data on the portal can be downloaded at any time into a .csv file at the click of a button and used for audit, evaluation or research, enabling you to make the most of the information you have collected. The portal is simple to use and has a series of short tutorials which walk you through how to do all the functions you need.

Our digital portal for MYCaW® and MYMOP® represents an opportunity for users to use a strong set of validated measurement tools which are now accredited by the NHS, to build the evidence base for individual practitioners, organisations and whole sectors.  Our digital development reduces your admin time and burden, prevents human error and enables you to make the most out of your data.

Portal Home Page

Functions of the digital portal:

  • Digitisation of MYCaW® and MYMOP® means that concerns and symptoms/activities recorded on the first questionnaire are automatically pre-filled on follow-up forms.
  • Administrators have a login and are able to generate questionnaires to send to their clients via an email or URL - or you can open up the digital questionnaire during a consultation.
  • Portal collects demographics of age, gender, ethnicity, and practitioner ID. A unique identifier of your choice can allow data to be matched with sources on other databases
  • You can send multiple follow-ups and track who has had the questionnaire, as all actions are time and date stamped.
  • Optional Multi Factorial Authentication login for extra security
  • Real-time score changes shown on a dashboard
  • Different options for who has access to the data collected to ensure your organisation adheres to GDPR requirements
  • Secure download of .csv MYCaW® data file from portal at any time for analysis

Complete the licence forms using the buttons below to get your access to the digital portal version of MYCaW® and MYMOP®.

Client Quotes

The Meaningful Measures digital portal has transformed our clinical audit data collection and analysis. Our student practitioners find the interface easy to use and quick to complete, which lends itself to a higher quality of data collected. It’s much more secure than the paper-based system we formerly used, and it saves us a lot of time in data analysis with a clear, graphically presented overview that’s up-to-date at all times. We’re all very pleased to be contributing to a dataset that helps build the evidence base for our therapies.
Having used the paper based version of MYMOP in the past, I can only say that this new electronic portal is a game changer! The usability is greatly improved and the ability to see the change over time data in real time is educational for both the client and the practitioner. No more waiting to pass the results through a spreadsheet before seeing change. I have recommended the use of Meaningful Measures’ new portal to many other organisations.
The MYCaW tool fits seamlessly into my Health & Wellbeing Coaching sessions. It’s easy on the client and gets to the heart of what matters to them.
The portal is easy to use and simple. It has been a great tool for measuring outcomes as it is efficient and flexible.
Feedback from the MYCaW® users revealed that the measure did fit in well with the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy sessions in the majority of cases. It took some participating therapists just a few minutes to complete the online questionnaire, and this got quicker with practice. It was also found to be easy and quick for the clients to use. The majority of participating therapists were enthusiastic about MYCaW®.
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