Menstrual Cycle Support

Menstrual Cycle Support

Meaningful Measures Ltd are proud to be partnering with Menstrual Cycle Support (, the world’s first non-clinical menstrual health service to be available on referral through the GP surgery on social prescription.

Menstrual Cycle Support have licensed MYCaW® from Meaningful Measures Ltd and will be using the holistic and personalised approach to evidence the real-world impact of menstrual health concerns and explore how their ground-breaking free online menstrual literacy course ( can alleviate them.

Kate Shepherd Cohen, Founder of Menstrual Cycle Support and Innovator of the Year 2021 at the International Social Prescribing Awards, Kate Shepherd Cohen, says:

“We are determined to address health inequalities and close the gender pain gap in mainstream menstrual healthcare through universal access to non-clinical menstrual cycle support, alongside medical treatment.  We are committed to pioneering robust and ethically-sound menstrual health research and are thrilled to be partnering with Meaningful Measures Ltd for their NHS-approved methodology and analysis and respect the commitment and expertise of Helen and Marie, especially for their knowledge in the field of the social prescribing.”

Meaningful Measures Ltd will produce a Menstrual Cycle Support data analysis report for publication in 2023.

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