Meaningful Measures Consultancy Services

Dr Marie Polley and Dr Helen Seers have worked together as research, evaluation and audit specialists for over 15 years.  We are industry experts in using the MYCaW® and MYMOP® tools (as well as many other outcome measures) and have worked with the NHS, local authorities, VCSE organisations, sole practitioners, academic institutions and private organisations to support bespoke and meaningful data analysis.

We understand that you may just want to use us as an experienced sounding board, to get support at an early stage of a project, or use one of us on a steering group (which we are happy to chair). We are happy to advise on early implementation, as well as design larger evaluations and research studies. We are always honest with our clients and look for solutions that can make the most of our input without charging for unnecessary costs.

MYCaW and MYMOP Consultancy

Helen Seers

MYCaW and MYMOP Consultancy

Marie Polley

Why work with us?

We are experienced at working with vulnerable people, such as young people, those with life threatening diseases or mental health issues. We have high ethical standards and are sensitive to our clients’ needs.

Ultimately, we want your service or organisation to flourish. We understand the need to create ‘evidence’ that speaks to a broad range of stakeholders, especially in today’s operating climate.  If you need some support to implement the MYCaW® or MYMOP® tools into day-to day usage or to do a wider piece of research, evaluation or audit work, we would love to hear more.  Our consultancy packages are costed per day, and we are happy to design bespoke solutions to meet your needs and your budget. 

Examples of our work

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