The introduction of MYCaW® into our service has been hugely beneficial. It allows our clients to identify precisely what is concerning them, enabling our Advisors to tailor support specifically to their needs. From a data perspective, MYCaW® enables us to quickly identify if our intervention has had an impact on changes in score, while also allowing more in-depth qualitative analysis. This is invaluable for reporting back to commissioners.

As a local team we considered a wide range of measures within the service and were appreciative of the advice from the research team to use include MYCaW®. This was well received by the clients using the service and the Social Prescribing Advisors implementing it because of its simplicity, ease of follow up but also the quality of the information it provided.  We've been able to use it to see real changes in people's progress as it is based on individual need. Local GPs making referrals welcome the feedback about individuals they've referred.

MYCaW® is not routinely used in services for people living with frailty, however we wanted to explore to potential of the questionnaire to be a useful person-centred outcome measure within this area. We hope this will help people at many different levels within the NHS to understand better 'what matters to' the person living with frailty or complex long-term conditions and ensure this understanding is firmly at the centre of an individual's care and support.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Meaningful Measures and to introduce MYCaW® to our platform. Our customers will greatly benefit from being able to add the validated measurement tool to their social prescribing programme. It will enable them to identify the most crucial needs of their clients and to better provide services that meet those needs. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this will have.
We reviewed a number of outcome measures to implement with our frailty services in Gloucestershire. We selected MYCaW because it is straightforward and easy to use, directly supports the “What Matters to You Conversation” and enables us to clearly track the outcomes achieved for people at an individual, cohort and service level. We particularly value that we are able to collect really rich qualitative data in addition to quantitative information. An increasing number of services are now implementing the tool across the County.


MYMOP® works well in my clinic for capturing the priorities of the patient, rather than priorities which have been pre-determined like other quality of life questionnaires. Because the tool follows patients’ priorities it is easily used during telephone consultations and the focus within it on functional goals for the patient makes it usable for allied healthcare professionals when they share the care of my patients.


We really enjoyed the training and all staff found it informative and helpful. We talked about the comprehensive data set, both qualitative and quantitative that it would provide us with which we felt would be really beneficial for both service design and delivery, as well as for sharing with commissioners and key stakeholders.

The training style was perfect and demystified all of the questions that we had. We also really valued the clear person-centred approach that is taken, where it is clear that the wellbeing of the people we serve is clearly central to this measure!

The session on how to analyse MYCaW® was especially useful. It made us realise how effective it can be to reveal the 'voice' of service users through the data. This information is often lost in free text boxes but MYCaW® allows us to analyse the information in a useful way.


BCAT utilised Meaningful Measures to complete an evaluation for a joint project we were running with Hip Hop Heals. The service provided was excellent. Thoroughly planned and communicated throughout, with excellent final reporting that delivered everything we needed.
The evaluation process and working with Marie and her team, was a pleasure. Despite challenges due to Covid-19, the work was completed to a very high standard, to our agreed timeframe, and Marie and the team were in regular contact. The final report was exactly what we requested, enabling us to demonstrate to our commissioners and partners, the far-reaching impact of the Wellbeing Prescription service.
The work that Marie and her team did in supporting the evaluation of the Social Prescribing Service was incredibly impactful in terms of critically appraising the service development and the impact on people using it. The evaluation resulted in commitment to the model from the Shropshire Health and Wellbeing Board, as well as from local GPs and subsequently Primary Care Networks.
It was a pleasure to work with Marie and her colleagues at Meaningful Measures on our research into social prescribing and physical activity. Their work is uniquely grounded in academic rigour and an in-depth understanding of the worlds of policy and practice – just what is needed if we are to take the social prescribing evidence base forward over the next few years.
We chose to work with Meaningful Measures as we needed an independent way of analysing how The Wildlife Trusts could make a large, strategic move from more traditional people engagement to a community organising approach. It was their background in managing and synthesising first person experiences in a safe and positive environment, that was so valuable to us. They brought experience and insight to the analysis, that has helped us build the foundation of our approach to helping 47 independent charities work as one when it comes to empowering and enabling the diverse range of communities we are seated within and how we will support people in feeling able to be a part of achieving nature's recovery. The evaluation piece now forms a core part of our fundraising bids and our strategic approach to building our community organising.

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