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The Association of Reflexologists (AoR) are proud to be the first organisation to partner with Meaningful Measures Ltd and have access to our new digital outcome measures portal for MYMOP® and MYCaW®.

AoR has set up Reflexologists Involved in Collecting Evidence project (RICE), which aims to collect data on how reflexology is supporting clients living with different conditions. The first RICE project is being launched for members in September 2022 and will be collecting data about clients living with migraine.

AoR members participating in the new RICE projects will collect MYMOP® from clients with a specific condition via the new digital portal from Meaningful Measures Ltd. This approach makes it simple for AoR members to contribute their client data for specific projects and in an efficient and secure manner.

The AoR will then be able to consolidate and analyse project data gathered from a wide range of its members to further understand the impact that reflexology has as well as contributing to the wider evidence-base for reflexology.

" Understanding the impact of reflexology at scale is critical to developing the evidence base and discerning where reflexology can really make a difference to people's lives. We are therefore really excited that our new MYMOP® digital portal is enabling the Association of Reflexologists to set up projects to add to the evidence base about reflexology with its members. This is an innovative step forward for AoR and the complementary medicine sector."

Dr Helen Seers, Co-Founder, Meaningful Measures Ltd

"Enabling our membership to gather evidence at source, from their clinics, towards a better understanding of how reflexology makes a difference to their clients, is an important step forward for the Association of Reflexologists. We are proud to be the first organisation to partner with Meaningful Measures and to use the new digital portal."

Tracey Smith, Head of Reflexology Support and Research, Association of Reflexologists

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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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