Meaningful Measures re-contracted for phase two iteration to understand the concerns of people living with frailty in Gloucestershire, using MYCaW®

Here at Meaningful Measures, we're delighted to be recommissioned by Gloucestershire CCG and NHS England and NHS Improvement to continue developing a personalised approach to supporting people with frailty using MYCaW®.

As part of the pilot project, and despite the pressures of the Covid-19 pandemic, MYCaW® was found to be an acceptable 'in-consultation' outcome measure by the health practitioners who were asked to trial it.

MYCaW® concerns scores showed statistically significant improvements, and a high percentage of people (71%) had clinically significant levels of score changes. There was also a statistically significant mean improvement in wellbeing scores for the whole group. When that data was stratified and analysed according to the severity of frailty, concerns improved regardless of the severity of frailty, but wellbeing scores only statistically significantly improved for people experiencing mild frailty. Rockwood Clinical Frailty Scores did not change over time. 

You can read the initial report here.

This new round of work will extend the use of MYCaW® to more healthcare professionals and services who are supporting people with frailty. The additional data collected will enable us to understand how types of MYCaW® concerns, and wellbeing are affected by the severity of frailty, testing out findings from Phase 1.

"We have received very positive feedback from the operational practitioners implementing the MYCaW® measure. It is very straightforward to complete and forms part of the natural conversation with people so easy to integrate into the personalised assessment and planning process. It has enabled us to better understand the range of problems and concerns across the spectrum of frailty and has given us greater insight into the impact services are having with people at both an individual and service level.

"We are really pleased to be able to initiate a second phase of this project, to further develop our understanding of the concerns and wellbeing for these groups of people as well as giving us the opportunity to better integrate and embed the tool in our anticipatory care models."

Chris Cam, Senior Commissioning Manager – Ageing Well Programme Manager Integrated Commissioning, Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and Gloucestershire County Council

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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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