Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies: two new projects completed

Meaningful Measures has recently completed two innovative evaluation projects for BCAT – Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies:

1.Evaluation of the BCAT Arts and Health Intervention Training and Supervision (funded by Birmingham City Council). Evaluation Aims: To see if BCAT's Arts and Health Intervention Training and Supervision is delivering the support participants' need and to investigate ways to improve this offer in the future. Overall findings: The evaluation shows that the experience of supervision and training is a very positive one, has wide reaching potential benefits, and this offer should be continued. Further findings are outlined below.

2.Evaluation of the Hip Hop HEALS Training Academy (A project funded by the Baring Foundation). Evaluation aim: The aim of the evaluation was to see if the Hip Hop HEALS (HHH) Training Academy is safe, meeting peoples' needs and to work out recommendations for future progress. Overall findings: This evaluation showed that there was good acceptance of the HHH Training Academy, with rich appetite for the innovative knowledge and skills delivered. There is vacuum in the UK in terms of delivery of safe trauma informed Hip Hop Therapy and this project represents an important first step along the journey to deliver to this need.

Dr Helen Seers, Co-Director, Meaningful Measures quote:

"The Meaningful Measures team worked closely with BCAT to deliver these evaluations about these ground-breaking initiatives. It was also a great privilege for us to have a window into the wonderful work done by the BCAT team."

Dawn Durrant, Clinical Lead, Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies quote:

"The report was absolutely wonderful - it has now been submitted and we are really hopeful that we will get the next round of funding for training and supervision! We have really enjoyed working with you and we have decided that we will try to factor you in when applying for other funds."

Richard Mole Arts in Health Lead, Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies quote:

"BCAT utilised Meaningful Measures to complete an evaluation for a joint project we were running with Hip Hop Heals. The service provided was excellent. Thoroughly planned and communicated throughout, with excellent final reporting that delivered everything we needed."

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Monday, 22 April 2024

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