Developing a framework of concerns from people living with frailty

 We are really happy to see our recent paper 'Developing a framework of concerns from people living with frailty, for the Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing (MYCaW®) person-centred outcome measure' published in BMJ Open Quality. The project was a collaboration between Meaningful Measures Ltd and Health Innovation Wessex who were commissioned by NHS England to develop a framework of concerns for people living with frailty, based on data from the MYCaW® questionnaire.

MYCaW® was piloted as a core monitoring tool by the Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group, (now Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board), to understand what matters to people living with frailty in Gloucestershire. Initially MYCaW® was implemented in the Complex Care at Home service (CC@H) and the South Cotswold Frailty Service (SCFS). MYCaW® is a person-centred outcome measure, which enables a person to designate their concerns, rate the severity of them and their well-being. At follow-up the concerns and well-being are rated once more to enable statistical analysis of score changes to be carried out. Further qualitative follow-up questions ask if there is anything else important going on in a person's life and what has been most important about the service they have received.This paper describes the acceptability of MYCaW® used in this setting, and the development of a framework for analysing not just medical concerns but personalised concerns from people living with frailty. This information can also be used to inform the development of services and support them to be more patient-centred.

The paper concluded that MYCaW® was acceptable as a core monitoring tool for people living with frailty and enabled a systematic approach to opening 'What Matters to Me' conversations. The personalised data generated valuable insights into how the frailty services positively impacted the outcomes for people living with frailty. The coding framework demonstrated a wide range of concerns—many linked to inequalities and not identified on existing outcome measures recommended for people living with frailty.

Implementation and development of MYCaW® frailty f...
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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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