Partnership with Joy

In a significant development, Joy, a leading digital preventative healthcare platform, has partnered with Meaningful Measures to integrate our MYCaW® questionnaire into its platform.

Joy, trusted by 1 in 5 GP practices around the UK, works across the patient journey, from triaging through to intervention to reduce pressure on GPs and support Personalised Care teams to have a greater impact on patients up and down the country. Joy are passionate about helping teams demonstrate the impact Social Prescribing is having on patients and the wider system. Now, with the inclusion of MYCaW®, health professionals using Joy can elevate their client consultations even further.

MYCaW® is an easy-to-use and validated questionnaire that when incorporated into a consultation, allows health professionals to understand and prioritise what a person most wants support with and allows teams to capture the diverse well-being needs of clients. As well as concerns that are medically related, MYCaW® can capture concerns that affect psycho-emotional wellbeing and practical concerns meaning it can also be used with carers.

The MYCaW® score is a useful metric that enables continuous monitoring of patient wellbeing across their journey, from the initial referral to ongoing support. This integration improves the Joy platform by providing health professionals with valuable insights into their patients, adding to the existing data captured by Joy. The integration will also help to measure the impact of Personalised Care teams on patient wellbeing, simplify and standardise reporting for teams and identify areas for improvement.

For more information on the integration of MYCaW® into the platform, enquire on Joy's website, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. As Joy continues to scale, this partnership with Meaningful Measures demonstrates a commitment to providing health professionals with effective tools to provide comprehensive support for patients.

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MYCaW® for Social Prescribing Services Evaluation


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Monday, 17 June 2024

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