Meaningful Measures to develop MYCaW qualitative framework of concerns for people living with frailty in Gloucestershire

Meaningful Measures is pleased to announce that we are working in partnership with Gloucestershire CCG and NHS England and NHS Improvement, exploring the experiences of people living with frailty. This is an exciting partnership as it allows MYCaW to use in a previously unexplored context: frailty.

The project, running from September 2020 to July 2021, will specifically work with people living in Gloucestershire under the care of the Complex Care @ Home Service, South Cotswolds Frailty Service teams and Frailty Nurses/Matrons in Primary Care.

This project intends to create a MYCaW qualitative framework of concerns to provide greater insight into the specific needs of people living with mild, moderate and severe frailty as defined by the Rockwood Clinical Scale.

The resulting framework and statistical analysis will enable improved understanding of the range of concerns of people living with varying degrees of frailty or complex conditions across a number of settings; measure the change in wellbeing of individuals through involvement with these services; and enable service leads and commissioners to identify gaps in provision in meeting these needs. Meaningful Measures will be providing training, consultancy support, data analysis and report writing for this project.

Joanne Appleton, Integrated Personalised Care Manager for the NHSE&I South West Integrated Personalised Care team said: 

"MYCaW is not routinely used in services for people living with frailty, however we wanted to explore to potential of the questionnaire to be a useful person-centred outcome measure within this area. We hope this will help people at many different levels within the NHS to understand better 'what matters to' the person living with frailty or complex long term conditions and ensure this understanding is firmly at the centre of an individual's care and support.

"This is a great collaboration between the NHSE&I South West Integrated Personalised Care team, Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning group and services in Gloucestershire which offer personalised approaches, and Meaningful Measures.  We are looking forward to seeing the results later in 2021." 

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Monday, 22 April 2024

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