MYCaW® Training for the International Clinical Aromatherapy Network

We are really excited to be delivering training sessions in November and December this year on MYCaW to the International Clinical Aromatherapy Network (ICAN). ICAN is a global platform that has been created for the purpose of connecting professionals in the fields of clinical aromatherapy, aromatic medicine, essential oil science, and essential oil research and is dedicated to supporting the profession of clinical #aromatherapy via its professional online network

We will be explaining what MYCaW® is, the ethos behind it, and guidance on how to use it. This training can give people administrating MYCaW® confidence in how to apply it and improve the accuracy and reliability of data collection. Our aim in working with ICAN is to support therapists in gathering more high-quality data by using a validated tool to understand the impact of their therapeutic approach on their clients. We asked Rhiannon Lewis, (Director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants and host of the ICAN platform) what she hoped to gain from offering our MYCaW® training to ICAN members.

Why are you interested in using MYCaW®?

Many aromatherapists working in a clinical setting need to use therapy-appropriate validated tools to gather meaningful data from their clients and treatment interventions.

Both MYCaW® and MYMOP® are perfectly suited to aromatherapy care delivery where the client's voice is the most important measure of effectiveness. This is why we have chosen to spotlight both in our training to ICAN members.

Why do you want to make training about these tools available to your members?

I believe that as with any tool, if you are given expert training and pragmatic guidance in its use, the tool itself becomes even more valuable and relevant and its use will thus be more widespread. I firmly believe in offering our members top-level opportunities to learn and to grow so teaming up with Meaningful Measures Ltd on this training is a natural choice.

We are looking forward to kicking off 2024 with MYMOP® training sessions with ICAN and are really excited to see what data can be gathered by its members. 

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Wednesday, 17 July 2024

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