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Meaningful Measures Ltd is proud to be partnering with YourClinic - a complete practice management system with integrated MYMOP® forms.

YourClinic has been working for years to bring practitioners a complete practice management system designed for busy practices by busy practitioners.

"We chose to partner with Meaningful Measures as their research tool is the best known in our profession. It is simple and easy for patients and practitioners to use, can be used for any condition and is NHS recognised, making the data even more useful for us and the sector. We found it easy to integrate into our system and are looking forward to building up and assessing the large dataset it is producing".  

                                                                                                                                    - Joe Jennings - YourClinc Founder

MYMOP® is a problem-specific and individualised measure, which is brief and simple to use making it easy to integrate into consultations. It captures what patients consider are the two most important symptoms associated with a specific problem and an activity of daily living that is affected by these symptoms making it applicable to a wide range of interventions and therapeutic settings. MYMOP® also captures general wellbeing and is therefore applicable to all people who present with symptoms, whether physical, emotional or social, making it able to capture data in a way that fully represents the holistic approach that acupuncturists take.

As well as record keeping with automated prompts to do profession-specific intake forms, YourClinic has integrated the MYMOP® tool as well as integrated consent forms. Practitioners can add their additional notes, diagnostic notes, and treatment notes, all of which are easy to review to help assess improvements, especially changes in the MYMOP® scores. YourClinic creates invidivual and dedicated clinic pages for your clinic, SEO optimised that instantly rank on the first page on Google, a simple booking system where you can add multiple practices and services with initial and follow-up sessions and the ability for patients to add other users to their accounts, for partners and children. It is also full of lots of other useful tools to minimise practitioner admin.

"We are delighted to have developed this partnership with Joe and YourClinic and to see MYMOP® becoming 'business as usual' within their innovative practice management platform, developed based on their extensive practitioner experience"

                                                                                           - Dr Marie Polley, Co-Founder, Meaningful Measures Ltd.

For more information on the platform, contact Joe Jennings at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are interested in using MYMOP® or MYCaW® for your service or platform, contact us via our website.
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Monday, 17 June 2024

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